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I Stand Up For CAL
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I Stand Up For CAL

CAL is the common voice for libraries in Colorado, representing libraries and librarians of all types from across the state. We value your membership! Please share below some of the key reasons why you are a member of CAL,
and why you have chosen to be a leader for the organization.

Our goal is 100 new members in 100 days – YOUR testimonial can help us reach our goal!


Why join CAL? As the professional organization for Colorado library staff, CAL supports the work we all do every day. Many voices stronger than one, and CAL members work hard to support the shared values of our profession including defending intellectual freedom, monitoring legislation that impacts libraries. CAL also provides a variety of valuable continuing education programs including workshops, the CAL Leadership Institute, and of course our annual conference, CALCON. These professional development opportunities allow me to establish valuable connections, develop my skills and knowledge, and learn from inspiring innovation happening in all types of libraries throughout the state.Most importantly, CAL is a community of my peers. Through all of the associations, divisions, committees and interest groups, CAL provides me access to an ever-growing professional network that I can call upon for collaboration and support. No matter what your personal interest or passion within the library profession, CAL has something to offer you, and I know you have something to offer CAL.             
-Christine Kreger

In 2006, just three days after I landed in Missouri to begin my very first library position, I was whisked off to experience their annual state library association conference. Participation in a state library association was thus my very first significant experience as a librarian and it’s a habit that’s stuck. Now that I’ve moved to beautiful Colorado, CAL is my preferred forum – my home, really – for keeping up with trends, sharing ideas, advocating for and contributing to our profession. The opportunity to meet and learn from different types of librarians is one of the greatest benefits I personally derive from my state library association. Some of the best and most creative ideas I’ve been exposed to as an academic librarian have come from my public and school librarian friends, and CAL provides the means to connect with them. In a large, rural state like Colorado, CAL is an especially essential resource for professionally developing and networking with others in affordable ways.  An organization is only as strong as its active membership. I encourage all to join me in joining CAL.
-Carol Smith
I’m a big fan of the annual CAL Conference. It’s important to keep in touch with librarians from all over Colorado, whether to learn about interesting new things they’re doing or to share ideas about projects that might have statewide value.  Colorado is a great place for enthusiastic, smart librarians to do great work, and it’s always a motivational boost for me to meet and talk with folks at CALCON.
-Jimmy Thomas

I admit it. I’m a library association groupie and have been for the 43 years as a librarian. My first job out of library school was as the Executive Director of the Missouri Library Association. I believe in library associations. I believe in CAL. CAL shows what we can do together to improve libraries and library service to our users. None of us alone can convince the legislature to support libraries. None of us alone can prevent laws that damage libraries or get laws passed that protect freedom of information. And we benefit as individuals through conversations with our peers, with guidelines and best practices, learning new skills in about new services, and sharing what we know. Of course, you don’t have to belong to CAL to get all these benefits. No you don’t. But we know if you don’t belong, you tend not to participate. And I believe if we are committed to our profession (MLS librarian or support staff); if we are committed to providing the best service to our users and our communities, then we have an obligation to support our professional association. Join me in joining CAL.
-Nancy Bolt
After graduating with my MLIS, I joined the CAL Leadership Institute and over the course of the year I met so many amazing people and learned a lot about myself and my leadership style. A very important aspect of the program was (and continues to be) my relationship with mentor – we met regularly during CALLI and asked questions and get feedback from her. She even wrote a letter of recommendation for me and I got my first professional job! We continue to have a strong relationship and learn from each other. In my short professional career, I co-wrote two chapters, wrote an article, regularly blog for Public Libraries Online, teach an MLIS class at the University of Denver, and recently applied for and got a promotion. My involvement with CAL gave me the courage and tools to branch out and try something new. The most valuable benefit of membership is the people! Other members are great to connect with and we have a blast!
-Joanna Nelson
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