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CAL Conference 2011 Archived Material
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CAL Conference 2011 Archived Sessions: Team up!

Thursday, October 13th Preconference Workshops

Full Day Preconference Workshop

The eFrontier: eBooks and the Library Landscape
Presented by: Rochelle Logan, Jamie LaRue, Joseph Sanchez & Sue Polanka
The wide, wild world of eBooks is here and libraries are working to stake their claim in it. Join our eBook experts to learn about keeping up with eBook technology, dealing with rights, access, and licensing, and making sure patron and library interests are served as eBooks evolve.

AM Preconference Workshop 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM

No One Right Way: Shaking Up Library Marketing and P.R.
Presented by: Duncan Smith, Paul Paladino, Amy McBride, Stacie Ledden & Rebecca Winning
Panelists from varied library backgrounds will discuss programs and initiatives that have been put in place to enhance and extend the marketing of library services to their communities, and the tools needed for success. Topics will include the formation of a speakers’ bureau, nontraditional marketing and building voter support.

How to Serve, Attract, Use, and Amuse Authors
Presented by: Marilyn Johnson
Librarians and authors seem like such natural allies. Authors provide content for library shelves and programs, and librarians read, organize, archive, promote, and defend authors. But there is plenty of room to strengthen this partnership, and we will look at three aspects of the librarian/author relationship with that in mind: serving authors as patrons; the care and feeding of authors as performers; using authors as advocates. There will be ample opportunity for all participants to share experiences, express opinions, and devise strategies.

Techie Tools for Non-Techie Types
Presented by: Lyda Ellis & Andrea Falcone
Feeling non-techie in a techie world? This workshop is for you! Explore free, innovative tools for increasing classroom participation, enhancing presentations, creating user-generated content, and promoting library services and materials. The tools, applicable in both traditional and online settings, will include Screen-O-Matic, Poll Everywhere, Prezi, Docstoc, Xtranormal, and more.

Libraries at the front lines of workforce recovery|Handout
Presented by: Betha Gutsche & Jennifer Pratt
Library staff are first-responders to increased demands for job-related assistance. Yet during these tough times, increased demands often outstrip staff resources. The IMLS-funded Project Compass Workshop will provide participants with real-world success stories and a foundation of skills to build programs and services to respond to patron workforce recovery needs.

PM Preconference Workshop 1:00 – 4:00 PM

The Joy of the Job… Keys to Find More Fulfillment in your Work
Presented by: Jody Urquhart
By adopting a humorous and fun approach, the Joy of the Job inspires professionals to be focused and productive by nourishing the meaning, fun, and joy of their work. The Joy of the Job will turn around your attitude to the workplace and show you how it can be dynamic, fun, and attractive as well as being lucrative and productive. Joy of the Job promises to be humorous, relevant, and inspiring. It will bring synergy to any workplace and provide a lighthearted, yet effective balance. Join us in this hilariously interactive, practical and inspiring workshop

U.S. Copyright Law and its Impact on Academic Libraries
Presented by: Carla Myers
Participants will gain an understanding of copyright law and its impact on libraries as they are introduced to its definition, development, guiding principles, and campus applications. The objective of this seminar is to empower librarians to make informed choices when selecting and using copyrighted works and providing reference services.

Choosing Service: Developing a Service Culture in Your Library
Presented by: Jamie Hollier & Charles Anderson
Transform your library! Great service cultures do not just materialize; they are carefully and consciously created. Great libraries celebrate gentle authority, service customization, product knowledge, and genuine relationships. Please join our service culture trainers for an interactive session covering the art of service and embracing service in your library.

Brain Development Storytimes: Connecting What We Know with What We Do|Handout
Presented by: Micaela Sanchez & Shirley Anderson
In 2010, HPLD/Farr Regional Library reorganized its storytimes to integrate the science surrounding child brain development. This new storytime structure exposes caregivers and children to purposeful brain-play in a fun, interactive, and non-threatening environment. Preconference is geared for children’s librarians and support staff.

Treasure Hunting with Government Librarians - CANCELLED
Presented by: Jenny M. Stevens, Emily C. Wild, Lydia Frederick, Dedre Henderson & Debbie McGinnis
Ahoy Library Mateys! The federal government libraries possess a treasure trove of information. Finding that information is sometimes cumbersome...Arrr!!! Avast, me hearties! Government librarians will team up to break the barriers and demonstrate how to access the public information treasures. These libraries are open to the public.

Thursday - October 13, 2011 | Opening Reception & Keynote

Keynote Presentation | 4:15 - 5:15 PM
This Book Is Overdue: The Presentation
Presented by: Marilyn Johnson
Although futurists predicted that libraries would be dead by now, and many dismiss librarians as irrelevant in the age of Google, Johnson argues with passion and humor that librarians are more important than ever. She profiles a dazzling array of visionary librarians who fuse the tools of the digital age with love of the written word and the old-fashioned values of free speech, open access, and scout-like assistance to all who need it. She shows how this new breed of librarian is the missing link between proliferating technology and information and the ordinary person with an old PC and a library card.

Friday - October 14, 2011

Keynote Presentation | 8:30 – 9:30 AM
The Nerve to Serve, Say Hello to Humor & Goodbye to Burnout!
Presented by: Jody Urquhart
Humor helps. The ability to laugh at life helps us deal with daily disappointments and setbacks. Humor gives library professionals the nerve to serve in a complex and challenging environment. Join us as we demonstrate how humor helps you stay in control and maintain balance and perspective.

Breakout Session 1 | 9:45-10:45 AM

Fail Panel: Library Technology Gone Wrong
Presented by: Nina McHale, Carson Block, Paul Betty, Monique Sendze & Aspen Walker
What happens when library technology projects go wrong? Join our panelists—librarians from different types of libraries and areas of library work—as they share their tales of fail! Hear about failed projects, the ramifications of the failures, and how a phoenix was coaxed from the ashes. Group hugs provided.

No Fear: Tips for Troubleshooting Technology
Presented by: Crystal Schimpf, Nancy Trimm & Kieran Hixon
Do you cringe when someone asks for computer help?! Hide when someone approaches with an e-reader?! If so, you are not alone. Hundreds of library workers suffer from techno-erotisi-phobia (fear of technology questions). This interactive workshop will give you the skills to face technology questions without fear.

How can libraries be the center of the community?
Presented by: Sharon Morris & John Creighton
As a follow up to last year’s provocative (and packed) program, John Creighton is back to update librarians and educators on public perceptions of organizations. How can libraries be central in the community? After John's talk a panel of library leaders will respond. Find out our future here.

Beyond Angry Birds: iPads @ your library
Presented by: Gigi Yang & Fran Jenner
To help teens build specific developmental assets, Broomfield Librarians created an iPad station for multiple media applications - gaming, music, video, audiobooks, and ebook viewing. This presentation will focus on our thought processes and solutions regarding content, security, usage, space, and funding in setting up a teen-friendly iPad station.

Streaming Media Reserves: Legality and Logistics in the Academic Library
Presented by: Carla Myers
The University of Akron Libraries in collaboration with campus Information Technology Services, developed a Streaming Media Reserves service; a copyright friendly means for instructors to provide students with access to audio course materials through the campus course management system. This presentation outlines the development and implementation of this service.

"Better Off TED? – On the path to better programs and presentations”nks
Presented by: Seana O’Grady
Help CAL improve the quality and currency of our conference programming! We’ll share some of the ideas we’re exploring, including: division sponsored presentations; adapting ideas from TED-style events; and program creativity workshops to foster collaboration and innovation. Participants are encouraged to share their ideas on the future of CAL’s programming.

Navigating Change and Transformation in Collection Development
Presented by: Margaret Kleszynski
This session will discuss the transformation from print to electronic as it relates to serials/acquisitions, especially in academic and/or public libraries in general and at Colorado State University-Pueblo specifically. We will consider future trends, challenges and benefits in collection development, especially with regard to electronic resources.

Think like an archivist, be a better librarian
Presented by: Carol Taylor
Librarians and archivists are partners in making information available, however, they organize materials differently. For example, librarians catalog materials, while archivists ‘arrange and describe.’ Learning how and why archivists operate will help you respond to your patrons' historical inquiries.

Trustees & Friends | 9:45 - 10:45 AM
Nearly Painless Policies for Library Boards: How the Right Policies Can Help with Sticky Situations
Presented by: Shelley Walchak & Jacqueline Murphy
Developing policies is a core responsibility for library boards. This session will cover the basics of what policies your library needs and tips on how to formulate them. But we won’t stop there. How can the right policies help with challenges that arise?

Outdoor Adventures @ the Library: A no child left inside, place-based, experiential education after school program.
Presented by: Charlene A Swansen & Kate Kearns
This program was developed by a team of educators, biologists, artists, outdoor recreation specialists and librarians who believe kids need an opportunity to explore, build, hike, create and work together in a kid centered community in the outdoors.

Managing Millennials – Understanding and Integrating a Diverse Workfoce
Presented by: Jody Urquhart
A lively, humorous look at how people can work more effectively and productively with younger generations (generation Y) and their styles, preferences, and work ethics. 1) Integrate the generations 2) Get Commitment from Generation Y 3) Avoid the Complacency, Entitlement Trap 4) Motivate the media savvy, highly connected generation.

Get a Tatoo! Build a Brand for Your Library
Presented by: Christine Schein & Kelli Johnson
A brand is a promise about who you are. Libraries need to create a meaningful and strong lasting brand that evokes emotion and defines them in the minds of parents, students, and their community. Learn the basics to create a brand for all types and sizes of libraries.

Who’s putting on AIRS and how can my library benefit?
The AIRS Committee manages a "suite” of databases serving libraries statewide. The package of databases may change significantly this next year. Visit with an AIRS Committee member about potential changes and see how the purchase of the AIRS library database package can benefit your library and the entire cooperative.

Breakout Session 2 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Book Club Tea
Presented by: Janet Good & Jane Van Baren
Do local book clubs clamor for multiple copies of bestsellers? Learn how to encourage other choices with a library-hosted Book Club Tea. Invite existing clubs and readers who want to join book clubs to talk about their groups and reading preferences, and show how your library can fulfill their needs.

Not just literate, but Transliterate. Embracing innovative skills in staff development & library programming
Presented by: Nancy Trimm, Kieran Hixon, & Crystal Schimpf
Blogging, videoconferencing, tweeting, texting - what’s next?! Communicating in this constantly changing world requires a whole new set of skills. Literacy is now about understanding and communicating across various mediums and platforms. Integrating transliteracy skills into training and programming is the next frontier, and being transliterate will get you there.

Public and Academic Library Partnerships: Strange Bedfellows or Peas in a Pod?
Presented by: Carson Block & Nancy Chaffin-Hunter
Public and Academic Libraries are often different – but what to do when facing a common challenge? The rise of E-Books brought CSU and Poudre Libraries together for a common cause, resulting in a strong, enduring bond. Come hear what makes a partnership work – and stick!

Beyond the Survey: Innovative Techniques for Learning About Your Patrons
Presented by: Nicolle Steffen, Linda Hofschire & Lisa Boyd
Want to learn more about your patrons’ opinions, needs, or interests? Come explore innovative alternatives to the survey for gathering this type of information. Examples will demonstrate how to engage your patrons in new ways to obtain meaningful responses. Bring a question about your patrons for brainstorming during the session.

Librarians, Tear Down Those Walls!
Presented by: Christine Schein & Linda Conway
Librarians, Tear Down Those Walls! This line imitates Ronald Reagan’s infamous words insisting on change. Our libraries need to evolve NOW! We will look at transforming our libraries into knowledge building centers/learning commons, creating innovative spaces to blend with instruction that reflects 21st century learning. Tear down your walls!

Visual Literacy: Implications of Visuality in the Library|Handout
Presented by: Jennifer Dibbern
Advertisements, photographs, web sites, exhibits - these are all examples of visual culture common in our institutions. This program will examine the role of visuality within libraries and leave the audience with ways in which to increase visual literacy, simply by educating our users and through collaboration between information organizations.

Return to Reading: A Reading Program for Older Adults Who Have Lost Their Ability to Read Independently
Presented by: Warren Taylor, Ph.D. & Anne DiPardo
Return to Reading is designed to serve a fast-growing segment of our population—older adults who have lost their ability to read independently due to cognitive and/or vision loss. Participants listen to and discuss engaging books, countering isolation and boredom, as stories heard prompt the sharing of stories remembered.
Continuing to Make the Grade: Transitioning from Library Student to New Professional Carter Lake B
Presented by: Kristen Bodine, Erica Olivier, Beth Kumar, Jane Schissel & Emily Pancake
Are you a new or soon-to-be graduate? Curious about what you’ll find when you begin to interview for jobs? Come ask your questions to a panel of new professionals who will explain about the job search process, interviews, what you can expect from starting a new job, and more.

Continuing to Make the Grade: Transitioning from Library Student to New Professional
Presented by: Kristen Bodine, Erica Olivier, Beth Kumar, Jane Schissel & Emily PancakeAre you a new or soon-to-be graduate? Curious about what you’ll find when you begin to interview for jobs? Come ask your questions to a panel of new professionals who will explain about the job search process, interviews, what you can expect from starting a new job, and more.

Trustees & Friends | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
It All Adds Up: A Case Study On Making Performance Measures Count for Public Libraries
Presented by: Jon Walker, Abby Koehler & Phil Mancha
What really counts in measuring a public library’s impact on the community it serves? This program discusses the case of the Pueblo City-County Library District and its use of performance measures to aid in decision making. This strategy has helped improve service effectiveness by up to 275% since 2005.

Follett Software User Group Meeting
New and existing userswill benefit by learning about thenewest features designed to engage students more than ever before. Visit with Follett representativesand discover the enhancements and upgrades included with the upcoming launch of version 10.0.Benefit from inventory tips,digital upload instruction and peer discussion from other users. Destiny Library Manager™ provides a 21st Centurylearning environment for your students and teachers with solutionsthat contain tools you need to provide a collaborative setting aligned with teaching and learning standards. Make themost of your Destiny.

Keynote Presentation | 12:30 – 1:00 PM
Libraries: Essential for Learning, Essential for Life
Presented by: Molly Raphael
Libraries must change rapidly in order to survive. We are witnessing greater threats to our futures than ever before. How can we position our libraries not just to survive but to thrive while serving our diverse communities? Libraries must be seen as being essential for learning and for life.

Breakout Session 3 | 1:15 - 2:15 PM

Career Connections: Public Library Directors Panel
What skills and expertise are library directors looking for in new librarians? Representatives from large, medium, and small library systems make up this panel.
Panel members: Shirley Amore, Denver Public Library; Barb Brattin, Telluride Public Library; Paula Miller, Pikes Peak Library District; Andy White, Durango Public Library.
Moderator: Jamie LaRue, Douglas County Libraries.

Assess for Success: Developing your Self-Assessment Toolkit
Presented by: Beth Larkee Kumar & Tabatha Farney
Self-assessment is a constructive method that allows library professionals to evaluate their impact on their library and patrons. Rather than waiting for an annual evaluation or review, individuals can empower themselves through periodic self-assessments of their work. This presentation discusses online tools for developing an individually crafted self-assessment toolkit.

Building Community Partnerships to Increase Awareness and Support|Handout
Presented by: Kari May
Elbert County Library District has successfully partnered with a variety of organizations in the small communities it serves to increase the library's visibility. May will describe some of those partnerships, how they started, and how she overcame the attitude, "but those groups have never worked before in the past."

Put Your Paper in Its Place|Handout
Presented by: Shellie Tressell & Claudine Perrault
Are piles of paper pushing you around? Put those piles in their place. Amid multiple projects and looming deadlines, the last thing librarians need are unruly and disorganized desks, inboxes and file drawers. A more productive and fulfilling workday awaits where creativity and efficiency will reign, and not your paper.

Remixing Research for the School Library
Presented by: Becky Johnson
Discover how re-visioning research can lead to incredible student learning. Examples of student research projects will show how the cloud can be used as a strategy for students to synthesize information, enhance their writing, publish globally and share new knowledge using tools like GoogleDocs, Voicethread, and Animoto.

Hit the Reference Transaction Mark: Incorporating READ into DART|Handout
Presented by: Sandy Hudock & Dan Sullivan
The CSU-Pueblo Library has customized the DART reference tracking program by mapping questions to student learning outcomes. We are integrating the READ qualitative rating scale into our DART account, and plan pre- and post-READ integration analyses. We will focus on implementation and departmental changes suggested by the results.

Basics of Project Management
Presented by: Susan Staples
Learn the key concepts and tools of project management - a focus on clarity, clear measures and minimizing risk.

Free to Learn: Best Practices for Serving Former Prisoners in Public Libraries
Presented by: Amy DelPo, Melanie Colletti, Eva Hallock & Nicole Lewis
One of the first places prisoners go after being released is the public library. But are we really prepared to meet their unique needs? In 2011, the Denver Public Library launched a one-of-a-kind program specifically designed to understand and serve former offenders. Come learn how to best serve this population.

Trustees & Friends-Session | 1:00 - 2:30 PM
Intellectual Freedom for Library Boards: How to Support Free Speech and Stay Out of Trouble
Presented by: Cindy Jaye, Martin Garnar, Karen Bary & Abby Koehler
Trustees need to stay abreast of intellectual freedom issues to be staunch advocates for free speech. The price for inattention – possible headlines, lawsuits, and community unhappiness. This session addresses the most common areas where library boards and touchy IF issues intersect: meeting room policy, materials challenges, and the Internet.

Twenty Tweaks That Can Improve the Effectiveness of Your Online Education
Do you hate webinars, yawn through videoconferences, and avoid online courses, or is your Moodle on cataloging up for an Academy award? Regardless, join us for an open session on ways to save time and money, maintain morale, improve skills, and ease the stress of modern workloads: virtually!

Keynote Presentation | 3:00 - 4:00 PM
Closing the Loop
Presented by: Joseph Janes
It's now cliche to say that the only thing we can rely on these days is change, and it's probably cliche because it's true. Look at the really important things—information needs, information entities, how information moves, how we engage with it, how we find it—and they're all up in the air. From a professional perspective, that has got to lead to questions like: Where do we fit? What do we do now that's of value? What are we for? Those are—and have always been—good and valuable questions, so let's spend some time thinking about them.

Saturday, Octber 15, 2011

Keynote Presentation | Julie Boucher Memorial Lecture | 8:30 - 9:30 AM
33,069 E-Mails—How one Colorado Community Survived an Arts Controversy

Presented by: Susan Ison
In October 2010, Loveland made national headlines when a controversial work of art at a city museum exhibit was attacked by a vandal with a crowbar. But the REAL story is how this arts-proud community coped with picketing, divided public opinion, political pressure and endless publicity -- and successfully survived the onslaught of attention. Susan Ison, Director of Cultural Services for the City of Loveland, will share the fascinating and instructive process and evolution that turned a destructive event into a positive outcome.

Breakout Session 4 | 9:45 - 10:45 AM

Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood?: Identifying Partners from Community Data
Presented by: Lee Ann R. Benkert, Kate Skarbek, Kelly Visnak
Discover the best-kept secret for developing partnerships -- community needs assessments! Come hear how community data supports marketing, programming, and services. Library managers explain how to assess community needs and how vital the process has been to their special and public library communities. Begin planning your own assessment today!

Mentoring Tech Skills
Presented by: Galina Derevyanko, Amy Cervene, Kristen Bodine & Bridget Kiely
Formal training plans are not always the answer to training technology. Arapahoe Library District has successfully implemented a tech mentoring program, helping all library staff to strengthen their tech skills and better serve patrons. Learn what techniques and tools were used to make this a successful program.

Open Discussion: The Future for Library and Information Professionals
Presented by: Joseph Janes
Surveys repeatedly tell us that people working in the library and information professions highly value their work and their choices, and applications for our masters' programs continue strong, so we must be doing something right. Even in difficult times, the desire to enter our profession remains, while the nature of the work rapidly evolves. Come share your thoughts and join in an open discussion of the future of education for the library and information professions.

Hands-On Science Programming|Handout
Presented by: Erica Segraves
The Mamie Doud Eisenhower Science Task Force is a volunteer-based group that develops and presents programs for 9-14 year-olds. These wildly popular programs, offered nine months out of the year, focus on hands-on activities. Learn tricks about staff coordination, operating on small budgets, and sparking scientific interest in your community's youth.

I am so Sick of You Coming in Late! Understanding Social Styles in the Workplace to Build Relationships and Reduce Conflict.
Presented by: Shelley Walchak & Debbi MacLeod
Research shows that knowing and understanding fellow workers' social styles has an impact on productivity and satisfaction in the workplace. Discover your own interactive style and learn about other social styles and ways to make your workplace environment more positive and compatible.

You Mean We're Supposed to Save This Stuff?
Presented by: Cecily North
Do you have boxes of "stuff" and you have no clue what to do with it? This will provide a brief introduction to archives and what to do with all that "old" stuff that no one wants. Who knows? You might find some buried treasure!

Redefining Audio: Making It A Priority
Presented by: Michele Cobb, & Donna Arment
How have audiobooks changed and how are they changing today? What affect does digital have on circulation? We will discuss the future of audiobooks and how you make them a budget priority. Hear from a Colorado librarian about her library and what is working in this rapidly changing world.

Planning in Motion|Handout
Presented by: Sharon Morris, Paula Miller, Eloise May, Shirley Amore & Kari May
How can you be strategic and adaptive to change? Join six public library directors as they discuss techniques for library planning and decision making. Find out about various planning models and get the inside scoop on how library leaders do strategic planning. This moderated panel discussion includes time for questions.

Trustees & Friends | 10:00 - 11:30 AM
Board Basics
Presented by: Valerie Horton
Improve your effectiveness on the Library Board! This session will provide both new and existing board members with an overview of the expectations and opportunities that a Library Board Trustee faces.

Bridging the Gap - Preparing High School Students for College Level Research
Presented by: Christine Schein, Linda Conway, Rebecca Harner, Shelley Harper & Rhonda Gonzales
What are the basic research skills that college freshmen and high school graduates are expected to have? We will compare the ACRL Standards for Information Literacy and the AASL Standards for the 21st Century Learner to create collaborative opportunities to prepare students for their future. Team up for student success!

101 Interactive Training Techniques to Increase Learning
Presented by: Crystal Schimpf, Kieran Hixon & Nancy Trimm
Add to your bag of training tricks! No matter what subject or audience, active training can improve retention and satisfaction in learners. This workshop will be interactive, reactive, and collaborative. (Most importantly - we have chocolate!)

Book Repair Made Simple
Presented by: Gail Lindley & Stephanie Bradford
Make your book collections last longer by learning a few simple book repair tips from Denver Bookbinding Company. This is a hands on workshop.

Power Libraries Retooled: Highly Effective School Library Programs for the 21st Century
Presented by: Becky Russell
Learn about significant changes in the newly revised Power Library Program! Find out how our new program will help ALL school librarians become 21st century learners and leaders that will result in improved student achievement.

Breakout Session 5 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

NextGen Library and Information Professionals: What Competencies?
Presented by: Shimelis Assefa, PhD, Christopher Brown, Martin Garnar, Joseph Sanchez & Pam Smith
Who is the NextGen Library and Information Professional? What does the freshly minted library and information professional look like? Panel members present their work on timely and relevant themes to find answers to these pressing questions of our time. Themes covered include technology, collection, service, professional ethics, and space configuration.

Web 2.0.2
Presented by: Cecily North
You know about social networking tools that are out there but how do you get them to work for you? This will cover tools OTHER THAN Facebook. Learn how to get these tools to play nicely and market your library to your followers!

Changed but Still Critical: Brick and Mortar School Libraries in the Digital Age
Presented by: Doug Johnson
Today’s readers and information seekers are having increasingly less need to visit a physical library to meet their needs. Is there a need, many are asking, for a bricks and mortar space called a library? How our physical spaces can be re-purposed for greater impact is the focus of this session.

Designing Solutions: Low cost library design solutions for high impact results!
Presented by: Heather Mourer, Joseph Montalbano & Deva Montalbano
Ever wish you could change the overall look and feel of your library with minimal dollars but just didn't have the know how? Studiotrope design collective will show you—we’ve designed over a dozen libraries and will share our secrets!

Social networking for social justice
Presented by: Phil Goerner
How can classrooms use online tools to research and strengthen students' opportunities to learn and interact with others about current, important world issues? Teacher Librarians and instructors use social networks to track disasters/world conflicts, phones to stream live events and analyze/evaluate the validity of information. Don't miss this fast paced workshop.

Getting to Love...Romance in your Library
Presented by: Beret Brenckman
It's not porn for women or fairy tales for the lonely housewife. It's stories of conflict, history, and love. Building a romance collection that will pull in and satisfy your patrons now and in the future. What's hot, what's not and how to get started.

Trust: The New Workplace Currency
Presented by: Nan S. Russell
Would you like to give your employees a 36% increase without spending a cent? Or ensure the accomplishment of your library’s objectives? If so, a winning culture founded on trust and communication provides the answer to how. Discover a roadmap to an aligned and thriving culture.

Video instruction for everyone: The ANimated Tutorial Sharing Project
Presented by: Paul Betty & Cass Kvenild
The Animated Tutorial Sharing Project (ANTS) provides librarians with an open access repository of library, research, and information literacy tutorials. Librarians can benefit from the project by utilizing existing tutorial content, accessing source files for modification of tutorials, or submitting newly created tutorials for distribution to a wide audience.

Trustees & Friends | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Governing without Micromanaging: The Keys to Productive Board-Director Relationships
Presented by: Robin Gard, Holly Carroll, Claudine Perrault & Sarah Walsh
Trustees and library directors must work together in order to make their libraries efficient and attractive to the community. But bad communication, non-productive meetings, and a lack of understanding of each party’s roles and responsibilities can sabotage results. This session will be a candid look at the big questions and challenges facing both sides.

Examining the Rise of Dystopic Fiction among Teens and Adults|Handout
Presented by: Joan Vigil, Becker Parkhurst-Strout & Kristi Harder
What is the appeal of dystopic fiction? In the last decade there has been a surge of fiction marketed towards teens and adults featuring apocalyptic events, where only a few are left to survive. Why is it so popular? Come and learn about the titles that have caught our attention.

Making Advocacy Work for You Part 1: Fighting Your Fear
Presented by: Teri Switzer, Sheena Barbour, Dave Sanger, Linda Conway & Jamie LaRue
Advocacy isn’t a four letter word! We lobby every day without realizing it. This is your chance to harness that skill and make your advocacy message heard. Learn about building your advocacy campaign through relationships and how to target your message for legislators and decision makers.

Sustainability in the Digital Age: A Speed Storm of Ideas for Keeping Libraries in the Future
Presented by: Elena Rosenfeld & Christine Schein
Library services are often cut first when it comes to fiscal decisions; be it connected with a school, business, or governmental agency. Help identify possible routes to ensure that Colorado libraries are funded and valued resources for supporting an information savvy population.

Keynote Presentation | 12:30 – 1:30 PM
Schools and Libraries for the Net Generation

Presented by: Doug Johnson
Schools and libraries will be more effective if educators acknowledge the unique attributes and preferences of the Net Generation and adapt educational environments to suit students instead of trying to change their basic natures. This session looks at the unique attributes of today’s students and proposes a Net Gen learning environment.

Breakout Session 6 | 1:45 - 2:45 PM

Career Connections: Archives, Academic, School, and Special Libraries Panel
What skills and expertise are libraries looking for in new faculty and staff? Representatives from various information libraries and archives make up this panel.
Panel members: Dr. Frank Ames, Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine Library; Kris Haglund, Denver Museum of Nature and Science Archives and Library; Dave Sanger, Denver Public Schools; Dr. Ed Scott, United States Air Force Academy Library (USAFA), Colorado Springs; Teri Switzer, University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) Library.
Facilitator: Clara L. Sitter, University of Denver Library and Information Science Program.

Top Trends in Colorado Libraries – 2011
Presented by: Sharon Morris
What are the trends in 2011 in Colorado libraries? Join this presentation to find out and bring your own ideas of trends you are seeing. Knowing what other libraries are doing is helpful. Knowing what the trends are across various libraries is even more helpful in understanding our future.

Transforming Our Roles: Community COnect Roundtable
Presented by: Victoria Petersen, Jamie Hollier, Sarah Lawton & Perry D. Lewis
In this interactive session, representatives of a variety of public service professions - librarians, media professionals, local government and educators will participate in a structured conversation about possible partnerships as we reinvent our roles in the 21st century using emerging technologies to form stronger communities.

Too much information!!! Managing Digital Overload
Presented by: Crystal Schimpf & Shelley Walchak
Do you suffer from information overload? Emails, webinars, listservs, blogs, enews, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook can cause us to short circuit. Learn about your choices for filtering and organizing digital information to increase efficiency and reduce stress (without getting overwhelmed by technical jargon).

Design It for Learning: Using Multimedia Effectively in Presentations and More
Presented by: Mary Beth Facciol
Do you present at workshops, conferences or in webinars? Are you training staff, students or patrons? Do you create elearning courses or other learning material? In this session, you’ll see how to apply research-based multimedia learning principles when creating presentations and other learning content. Minimize overload and maximize learning!

Someone Named Their Kid After It!
Presented by: Cecily North
You've heard about it! Come learn about it! How to set up Facebook to be your advertising and community connection all in one! This session will ONLY cover Facebook as a social networking tool to promote your library!

Teaching with Mobile Devices
Presented by: Carolyn Payne & Julie Bayne
Are you using mobile devices in your library instruction? Well why not?? Come learn how to incorporate Smartphones, iPads and iPods-Touch to reinforce 21st Century Learning. Find out if there really is an app for that…and learn to tweet about it!

Core2Libraries: Colorado’s Statewide Library Support Services
Presented by: Valerie Horton & Gene Hainer
How do library support services "Team Up” to help libraries? Gene Hainer (CSL) and Valerie Horton (CLIC) will engage with the audience on range of issues impacting libraries including funding, advocacy, and the threats to Colorado’s great collaborative programs such as the courier, SWIFT, historic newspapers, AIRS databases, and AskColorado.

Trustees & Friends | 1:45 - 2:45 PM
The New Advocacy: How to Use Social Media to Mobilize Your Community

Presented by: Aspen Walker & Carson Block
Take a tour into the sometimes foreign country of Facebook, Twitter, phone apps and modern social media. Our libraries shouldn't wait for a crisis to mobilize support and strengthen networks. We’ll show you how to speak to our next generation of library supporters in their language– apps, tweets, etc.

I Have a Story. Let Me Show You: Linking Literacy and Geography
Presented by: Linda Conway
Learn how to organize geography, become familiar with books that travel, and explore geographic tools that can be used to integrate literacy with geography.

Making Advocacy Work for You Part 2: Practicing Among Friends
Presented by: Sheena Barbour, Elena Rosenfeld & Camila Alire
Staff needs to advocate for libraries, and practice is necessary to be best able to communicate your advocacy message. Learn why staff needs to speak up and how to target your message in the heat of the moment. Practice focusing your advocacy message for your library institution and your audience!

Move-it Storytime - Incorporating Tai Chi, Yoga, and other forms of movement into Storytimes
Presented by: Beth Dalton & Deidre VanRy
Are you seeking fresh ideas for your storytime? During this session, we will be demonstrating a Move-it storytime and review research material about mind-body connection. Be prepared to participate. This session assumes that you have no prior knowledge of Tai Chi, yoga, or other practices.

Poster Sessions | Friday, October 14th - 4:00 - 6:00 PM

CAL Special Populations and Issues Interest Group
New to CAL, this group seeks to raise awareness of the range of resources available to library staff for improved service to diverse communities.

Earth Data!
Emily C. Wild, Physical Sciences Librarian
The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) collects and monitors data about Earth. Learn how the USGS Library helps citizens access breaking news and near real-time data.

Engaging Students in critical, creative, and ethical information use
Dina Hornreich, MLIS Candidate
In response to a recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education, there is a general understanding that ESL students aren't being served adequately by campus libraries and faculty and, as a result, resort to acts of academic dishonesty. There is a solution to this pervasive problem: Informed Learning.

Image Use on the University Campus
Rachel Hartman & Peggy Keeran
A survey of the DU community revealed a need for assistance finding and using images so, in response, we created a workshop and LibGuide.

IPads, Galaxies...Teens SLide into Futuristic Gadgets
Carmen Zamarripa & Iryna Baum
R U a gadget geek @ your library? Then shake up your teens, your staff and your library library spaces with futuristic gadgets.

Lafayette Kids Ready to Read
Karen Andrews, Children's Librarian
The purpose of this poster session is to inform and share ideas about the Lafayette Public Library’s very successful Lafayette Kids Ready to Read program. It recruits and trains local volunteers to give story times in local child care centers.

Power Libraries Retooled!
Becky Russell & Judy Barnett
Learn about significant changes in the newly revised Power Library Program! Our new program will help ALL school librarians become essential in 21st century classrooms.

STEM: Branding an Acronym
Karen Alfino, Emporia State Univerisity MLS graduate student
I wish to impress upon the audience the importanceof knowing the STEM acroynm. There is a lack of US competitiveness as it compares to other industrilized countries in the fields of science and math.

Teaming up with Homeschoolers: Why? What? Wow!
Rebecca Campbell & Gail Sohns
Why partner with homeschoolers? How do we determine their information needs? What can we offer to meet those needs? Homeschoolers + Libraries = WOW!

The ethical considerations of a fee-for-service model in the public library
Robin Filipczak, MLIS Candidate
With public library budgets being cut, fees can be considered to assuage funding decline. Kidder's ethical paradigm provides librarians a framework to consider this question.

Worried about the Digital Divide? Mind the Participatory Gap!
Ms. Debbie Worthington & Mr. Paul Baxter
Our presentation will offer introduction and insights into how technological and social issues of the participation divide are overtaking the digital divide in public libraries.

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