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CAL Conference 2012 Archived Material
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CAL Conference 2012 Archived Material: Ready, Set, Go! Innovating Colorado Libraries

THURSDAY, OCT. 18th, 2012


9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Short & Sweet: TEDx/Ignite
Presented by: Seana O’Grady and Amy Long

Grant Writing isn’t for Sissies!
Presented by: Jean Marie Heilig and Linda Hofschire

Body Language Babies: Pairing Gestured Communication with Read Aloud and Storytime Techniques toEnhance Language Acquisition, Early Literacy, and School Readiness within Pre-Verbal Children|Handout
Presented by: Betsy Quillen and Shirley Anderson

Standing Out Socially: Making Your Public Library Shine on Facebook & Other Social Media Sites|Handout
Presented by: Terzah Becker, Christine Kreger, Joise Brockmann and Sarah Coleman

Get Your Game On
Presented by: Hilary Dodge, Hannah Jamieson and Nathan Triz

Evoke: Exploring Ebook Innovations
Presented by: Valerie Horton, Jim Duncan, Jimmy Thomas, George Machover, Joseph Sanchez, Jamie LaRue

Train the Technology Trainer: Developing 21st Century Library Staff|Handout
Presented by: Erin Kirchoefer and Crystal Schimpf

Copyright Boot Camp
Presented by: Carla Myers, Access Services Librarian - University of Colorado at Colorado Springs


Lean Material Processing: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Jane Martel, Customer Service Coordinator - Arapahoe Library District

Daisy Grice, Manager, Neighborhood Libraries - Arapahoe Library District

1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Lean Material Processing: Work Smarter, Not Harder|Handout
Presented by: Jane Martel andDaisy Grice

Once Upon an App: Creating Digital Storytimes for Preschoolers |Handout
Presented by: Melissa Della Penna andKate Lucey

Where’s the Books? Advocating for Your 21st Century Library |Handout
Presented by: Jamie LaRue,Holly Carroll,Amelia Shelley andMike Liggett

Tools to Tame Your Time|Handout
Presented by: Shellie Tressell

Do They Stay Up at Night Planning to Drive Me Crazy? Social Styles: The Basics
Presented by: Debbi MacLeod andShelley Walchak

Extreme Outreach: Libraries as First Responders
Presented by: Irene Romsa andCydney Clink

So, You Want to Conduct Your Own Research on Your Library Programs...
Presented by: Lu Benke,Priscilla Queen andBob Fetsch

ADDIE or What I Learned in OD School|Handout
Presented by: Michelle Jeske

3:15 PM - 4:00 PM

"Words Cannot Describe: Thinking Outside the Book Jacket”
Presented by: Marcia Butler andCassandra Kvenild

Promoting Accountability for Public Library Boards of Trustees |Handout
Presented by: Mark Weston andDavid Starck

Early Literacy Spaces @ Your Library|Handout
Crystal Niedzwiadek,Lu Benke,Mary Schadler,Amelia Shelley,Cindy McGuire andLaura Baldassari-Hackstaff

Colorado Blue Spruce Book Award: 2013|Handout
Presented by: Sharon Nehls, Sarah Pauley and Kristin Roper

Castle Pines -- The Little Library That Could...Fundraise! |Handout
Presented by: Kyra Hahn,Amy Long andAspen Walker

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?: Reference Services for a Multilingual Community|Handout,Handout 2
Presented by: Jimena Sagas andDina Hornreich

What’s Mine is Mine; What’s Yours is Also Mine
Presented by: Maria Hugger andTaryn Davis

FRIDAY, OCT. 19th, 2012


9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Libraries on the Other Side of the World, Experiences in International Libaries |Handout
Presented by: Nancy Bolt,Janet Lee,Electra Greer andSuzanne LaRue

Marketing As If Your Library Depended On It |Handout
Presented by: Pat Wagner

Indispensable Teacher-Librarians: Exemplary Leadership to Help Students Survive and Thrive
Presented by: Becky Russell andJudy Barnett

Tween Programs Extravaganza!|Handout
Presented by: Nicole Burchfield,Cydney Clink,Donna Geesaman,Kristin Grabarek Roper,Mary Schadler andChristy Headrick

Can We Get There From Here? The Trustee’s Role in Strategic Planning For Your Library’s Future |Handouts
Presented by: Janine Reid andAnnette Choszczyk

Digital Media Labs in Libraries: From Grocery Store to Kitchen at the Speed of Bytes
Presented by: Matthew Hamilton,Oli Sanidas andCate Sweeney

It Doesn’t Come with a Title: Uncommon-Practice Leadership |Handout
Presented by: Nan Russell

Thriving through the Drought: How the Aurora Public Library Xeriscaped Library Services
Presented by: Megan S.F. Ellis,Ryan Ewers,Cassi Pretlow andSteve Wasiecko

2:00 PM - 2:45 PM

Challenging Beliefs, Confirming Reality: The Role of Community Research
Presented by: Amber DeBerry,David Farnan andRobert Jakubowski

Serving ESL/International Students in the 21st Century Academic Library: Developing a More Inclusive Approach to Information Literacy Instruction|Handout
Presented by: Dina Hornreich

Innovation Starts With You!
Presented by: Emily Woodward,Seana O’Grady andDodie Ownes

Getting Published Now! |Handout
Presented by: Valerie Horton andIvan Gaetz

miniThinkers: Innovations in Children’s Programming
Presented by: Kaye Barnes,Rene Bohn,Melody Costa andLaci Wright

Harnessing the Power of Front-Line Staff as Mentors to Promote Customer Service|Handout
Presented by: Jane Martel,Bonnie Pintaric and Nevet Tenne

Digital Literacy – It’s About More Than Access
Presented by: Bobbi Newman

Danger in the Comfort Zone
Presented by: Jean Heilig

4:00 PM - 4:45 PM

Trustee Round Table: Let’s Talk About What’s Happening at our Libraries
Presented by: Robin Gard

Making Your School Library Program Valuable for Student Learning
Presented by: Gwen Giddens

Best Practices in Literacy Instruction = Best Practices in Libraries?|Handout
Presented by: Lu Benke

A-Z Guide to Staging a Successful Author Event |Handout
Presented by: Sheila Kerber,Lisa Casper,Chery German andAmber DeBerry

Technology Fail Panel
Presented by: Nina McHale,Carson Block,Paul Betty,Aspen Walker andMonique Sendze

The Future of Libraries: Aspiring Leaders |Handout
Presented by: Becca Cruz,Kaitlin Hoke andJocelyne Sansing

Creating Your Community: Colorado’s Social Archive
Presented by: Jamie Seemiller

More Than Fifty Shades: Erotic Fiction in the Library |Handout
Presented by: Jennifer Hendzlik

SATURDAY, OCT. 20th, 2012


9:15 AM - 10:00 AM

The Politics of Information and the New Role of Libraries and Librarians
Presented by: Frank Ritchel Ames

They Should Probably Hear About This: Using Instruction Assessment Results to Build Partnerships onCampus
Presented by: Kevin Seeber

Book Clubs for the 21st Century
Presented by: Phil Goerner andBeatrice Gerrish

Circulating Electronics: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Presented by: Elizabeth vonTauffkirchen andKaren Lemke

Community Learning Plazas
Presented by: Pilar Castro-Reino,Edmund Kiang andWill Chan

The Cloud Computing Platform and the Future of Libraries: OCLC WorldShare Overview
Presented by: Russell Palmer

Getting a Professional Job – Relevant Tips from New Professionals
Presented by: Bob Bennhoff,Kristen Bodine,Katy Walker andAspen Walker

What Would Walt Do?|Handout
Presented by: Sharon Morris,Lisa Priebe, Sandra Smith,Elaine Burritt andCrystal Schmipf

1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Trustee Policy Workshop: Hands On Exercises in Writing Clear, Effective Policies
Presented by: Shelley Walchak andJacqueline Murphy

Library Trends
Presented by: Dennis Humphries andOzi Friedrich

A Dewey-less Elementary School Library: How a Vendor Partnership Created an Atmosphere of Change and Innovation |Handouts
Presented by: Holli Buchter,Deann Hoff andBobbi Craig

Collaboration in Motion: A Course to Help Educators Prepare High School Students for College Level Research
Presented by: Suzanne L. Byerley andBeth Kumar

Storytelling with Children: Innovate with an Ancient Art |Handout
Presented by: Cliff Davidson andKathleen DiLeo

eReaders! Helping Your Staff Become Experts: Starting with YOU!
Presented by: Stacy McKenzie

Survive and Thrive! An Advocacy Toolkit for School Librarians
Presented by: Becky Johnson andChristine Schein

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