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Conference Co-Chair Responsiblities
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Colorado Association of Libraries: Conference Planning Chair and Co-Chair Responsibilities 


Colorado Association of Libraries: Conference Planning Chair and Co-Chair Responsibilities Conference Co-Chair The Conference Co-Chair assists the Conference Chair with the general planning responsibilities of the Conference. The Co-Chair will become the Conference Chair the following year and due to this they will need to be prepared to begin the Conference planning process during their Co-Chair year.

Areas of Responsibility:

* Communication: Assist the Conference Chair with responding to and communicating decisions to the committee members, CAL Staff, CAL membership, Vendors and CAL Board as needed.

* Conference Planning (current year): Assist the Conference Chair with planning and decision making through the year as needed. Participate as part of the Leadership Team.

* The Conference Co-Chair is responsible for attending and coordinating with the Programs Subcommittee to call for and organize meeting requests from CAL divisions, interest groups, committees and associations, promote them in the printed program and assist with communicating the meetings to the members.

* Site Selection: As needed, participate in evaluating and recommending sites for future years.

* Conference Planning (next year): begin planning the next year's conference in June. Create the budget, form subcommittees, begin contacting high profile keynotes, create information to announce at the conference and in the printed program to promote the next conference. Solicit applications for Co-Chair to be submitted to CAL Executive Committee.

Time Commitment: Varies. June (current year)-June next year between 1-5 hours a week, June-October 5-10 hours a week, post conference and into your planning year see Conference Chair.

Conference Chair

The Conference Chair is responsible for all aspects of the conference, from coordinating the planning process and running meetings, to choosing conference content, proofing the printed program, working with sponsors and vendors, working with the hotel, etc. The details of the project as a whole are outlined in the descriptions of the subcommittees; the Chair is responsible for coordinating all the work in the subcommittees.

The main responsibility of the Conference Chair is twofold:

1. Create a conference that provides valuable content for the attendees including vendors, sponsors, volunteers, and registrants.

2. Make a profit that will help fund the Colorado Association of Libraries organizational and legislative activities for the following year.

Both of these are equal in priority and completely dependent on one another.

Areas of Responsibility:

* Conference Budget: create budget, manage to the budget, make a profit for CAL.

* Conference Planning Meetings: set meeting schedule, create agendas and minutes.

* Conference Planning: set deadlines for the process, support subcommittees so they can meet the deadlines, ensure all deadlines are met.

* Vendor and Sponsor Relations: create the Vendor Prospectus, communicate with vendors to help sell sponsorships and vendor solutions, build strong relationships for the next year.

* Subcommittee oversight: sit on Programming Subcommittee, assist as needed. Oversee, coordinate and support work of all subcommittees to complete the project.

* CAL Staff: Assist and support CAL Staff as needed on budget decisions, hotel arrangements, and logistics of the conference.

* Communication: Respond to questions from CAL Board, CAL Staff, CALCON committee members, CAL members, vendors and sponsors as needed and in a timely manner.

* Evaluation: Create evaluation questions for your conference with the evaluations chair and conference co-chair to determine success and provide information for changes to be made next year.

* Brand: Support the Brand of the Conference to Innovate, Inspire and Connect.

* Promotion: Promote the brand, mission and vision of the conference to groups, libraries, and leadership in the state and region.

* Partners: develop partnerships with other groups as needed to strengthen the organization.


Time Commitment: Varies. Between 5-15 hours a week, September-October estimated 10-20 hours per week as needed.

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